Skill Sessions

Study Tips to Hack Your Brain

Students will learn advanced study skills that improve memory and recall, enhance critical thinking, and outline best practices for test preparation. Students will leave the session with a completed 7-Day Study Plan for their next test.

Organization and Time Management

Students will learn various techniques for getting organized in their classes, managing time with the freedom that college provides, and building positive habits consistently. Students will leave the session with a completed semester planning sheet and a calendar for the upcoming week.

Note Taking and Reading in College

Students will learn best practices for in taking information in college courses, focusing on note-taking and efficient reading. Students will practice four methods of taking notes, learn the SQ5R technique for reading college-level texts, and leave the session with a completed note-catcher outlining these methods.

Finding Motivation and Avoiding Procrastination

Students will learn how motivation impacts procrastination, how to understand and develop healthy intrinsic motivation, and seven practical tips for avoiding procrastination. Students will leave with a reusable decision tree for attacking procrastination.

Stress Management

Students will learn the types of stress, discover the demands of student well-being, and practice mindfulness and meditation techniques. Students will complete a self-care assessment and leave with a personally designed self-care prescription. This session includes tips for test anxiety.

Looking for more sessions? Try the Mind Matters Workshop series!

Offered by the UA Counseling Center, every workshop focuses on a different topic that students may face or struggle with during their college experience.

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