Legacy Scholars is a community for first-gen college students at the University of Alabama, designed to build connections among students who are starting a new college legacy. All first-gen students are invited to participate in Legacy Scholars!

collage picture of students involved in Legacy Scholars Program

“What you do is your history, what you set in motion is your legacy.”

Legacy Scholars offers multiple ways for students to find connection, including:

  • Monthly community dinners with other first-gen students, faculty, and staff
  • Optional one-on-one peer and/or faculty/staff mentorship
  • Workshops throughout the academic year to support your success and development at UA
  • One on one meetings with the First-Gen Program Manager

Students, if you are interested in participating in Legacy Scholars, please click here to be added to the mailing list.

Faculty/Staff, if you are interested in learning more about how to serve as a mentor to a student, please click here.

Upcoming Events:

“What a fantastic year we have had! Thank you to everyone who participated and engaged with Legacy Scholars this year. We will have our August and September events up by the time school starts in August. Enjoy the summer!”

For more information or to speak with a staff member about Legacy Scholars, contact Randi Hamm, First-Gen Program Manager.