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Donavan Green Headshot_sm

“While working as a peer coach, I have seen many of my coachees grow and thrive as college students. Many of the individuals I first meet with are first-year college students, seeking ways to better their college and academic experience—whether that’s getting involved on campus or improving their study habits. After a few coaching sessions, I see a tremendous growth in my coachees.  They are now active in various organizations on campus and are excelling above their peers in the classroom.”

Mae Farmer Headshot
“Being a peer coach has been invaluable because of the connections I’ve made with peers and professional staff. I have loved working with students, helping them learn better time management and study skills, and I myself have learned several tactics that have helped in my own academic pursuits.”

Olivia McKelvey Headshot

“This time last year, I considered myself lucky to be coming back to UA on Academic Probation after nearly failing out my freshman year. I’d been given the opportunity to turn my life around, and, while I believed in myself, I knew that I couldn’t do it alone.  Over the course of the school year, I met with my Coach every week. I learned strategies for academic success, but also began to put systems in place to help myself live a healthier and more balanced life. In the Learning Commons, I was never talked down to or treated differently because of my GPA and my struggles. After a year of hard work and personal growth, I was able to come off of Academic Probation. I’m excited to be a Peer Coach with the UpLift program because I know firsthand what these students are going through and what they need to succeed.”

“Assisting fellow students to develop their knowledge of complicated course material in subjects that I personally enjoy has been extremely rewarding for me. My favorite moments as a peer tutor are always when students from my tutoring sessions come to me, excited that they have achieved their goals in the courses I have tutored them in. Not only do I feel proud of the students I have tutored, but these experiences have also enriched my own experience as a student by providing me with a sense that I am leaving my mark, however small, on the campus community, as well as that within my academic department at UA.”