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Peer Coaches

Bradley DeasonMajor: Finance, Value Investing
Hometown: Trussville, AL

About Me: My expertise in the realm of coaching would have to fall into the categories of time management and study strategy. However, as a business student as well as having switched my major, I feel that I can provide just about anyone with something that will be of use.
Sarah CosnerMajor: Management
Hometown: Sebastian, FL

About Me: I love helping fellow students become more organized by improving time management skills and setting personal/professional goals. I love offering professional development advice and study tips for business and Blount courses!
Mae FarmerMae FarmerMajor: Accounting, Management,
Minor: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Fishers, IN

About Me: If you want to get organized and have better time management, I am here to help. I specialize in creating weekly schedules, helping students find balance, and teaching people how to prioritize all their obligations.
Shakerria Dailey-WilliamsMajor: Secondary Education and Social Sciences
Hometown: Mobile, AL

About Me: My coaching specialty is time management, procrastination, and schedule building. I coach each student holistically and work best in history and writing.
Isabel AnayaMajor: Public Health
Minors: Biology & Psychology
Hometown: Chicago, IL

About Me: I am someone who used to struggle a lot with procrastination, organization, and time management, I would say that I have a lot of techniques for students that also struggle with those specific skills.
Kolby NewtonMajor: Nursing
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

About Me: I have great study strategies for Chemistry!
Emma MartinMajor: Nursing
Hometown: Slocomb, AL

About Me: I like to talk about ways to organize school work to set yourself up for success in the future. I also like discussing time management strategies!
Malik CooperMajor: Public Health
Hometown: Monroeville, AL

About Me: I specialize in helping students enhance their time management skills, cultivate effective organizational strategies, and overcome procrastination. My goal is to tailor my coaching approach to address the unique needs of each individual, fostering academic success and personal development.
John StallensMajor: Biology
Hometown: Huntsville, AL

About Me: As a peer coach, I help my peers with time management and how to develop good study skills. I also help them in classes such as biology and chemistry and tell them how to be successful in them.
Libbey JonesMajor: Environmental Science
Hometown: Luverne, AL

About Me: My specialty is time management. I love to help students organize their schedules and balance their time!
Sophie BrodtmannMajor: Neuroscience
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

About Me: My specialty in coaching is time management. I took Cell Biology and Organic Chemistry together which taught me great studying strategies, how to balance my time, and how to reduce procrastination.
Sydney Linton-GreenMajor: Kinesiology
Hometown: Dothan, AL

About Me: My specialties lie in cultivating effective time management and organizational skills. I am dedicated to assisting students in optimizing their schedules and creating structured plans to navigate academic challenges.
Macy CollinsMajor: Public Health
Blythewood, SC

About Me: I'm here to help students overcome their academic struggles so they have the opportunity to enjoy learning!
Evan SmithMajor: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Birmingham, AL

About Me: I am looking forward to helping my fellow students with time management and procrastination!
Rian Wendt