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Peer Tutors

Aaliyah May
Aaliyah May"I see purpose as a peer tutor as it relates to the larger University of Alabama community by being able to offer help to anyone that needs it. Helping people in general and watching them accomplish their goals they set for themselves is an incredible experience."
Ben Williams
Group 8 Tutors
Brynn Parker
Brynn Parker"Through my position as a peer tutor I think I can teach students how to take advantage of the different resources at the University. Hopefully knowing of these resources will help make the students more successful and comfortable at the University."
Chris Phornroekngam
Chris Phornroekngam"Relating to students by helping them through different classes that I’ve also struggled through."
Emma Tegert
Emma Tegert"As a peer tutor, I feel like I am able to assist students in better understanding Geology while making learning enjoyable. I hope to also encourage interest in the subject."
Evan Karner
Evan KarnerMy purpose is: "Helping students reach their fullest potential"
Gabrielle DickersonGabrielle Dickerson"I hope to contribute to the ua community through my tutoring it’s members."
Hayden Hilkemeyer
Hayden Hilkemeyer"If I can help a student succeed/prevent them from failing it’s a win for the university."
Jack Moccio
Jack MoccioMy purpose is: "Helping students succeed academically."
Jacob WoodJacob WoodMy purpose is: "Helping my community and progressing the knowledge of people on campus that want to further their education"
Jacquelin Stanberry
Jacquelin Stanberry"I see my purpose in trying to reach as many students as possible by getting them involved in tutoring and therefore successful in their classes. This not only fosters new relationships, but also confidence in ability and security in college."
Jessica Meyer
Jess Meyer"I want to help students by tutoring them in introductory biology to then succeed in their degrees and careers."
Joe JansenJoe Jansen"Tutoring is a very helpful service for many students on campus and is thus important to continue."
Joseph RodriguezJoe Rodriguez"I see purpose when tutors work with their students and want them to be as successful as they can. Students can sometimes be timid when asking for help but by being a tutor, I can help them gain more confidence in their academic careers."
Joshua RodriguezGroup 3 Tutors"I see myself promoting higher education and learning throughout the students’ academic careers. I know I can make a difference with the tutees’ education and future."
Karen FetschKaren FetschMy purpose is:"Peer coach and peer tutor! Hope to help students thrive instead of just getting by."
Kylie PeterKylie Peter
Libbey JonesLibbey JonesMy purpose is: "Impacting students and making them feel welcome in this large community environment at UA."
Lily WilsonLily Wilson"Tutoring helps students gain confidence in their academic work as well as strengthen their skills/excel at their courses. It fosters a helpful environment around campus."
Maddie WieringaMaddie Wieringa"I want to help give people a sense of community on campus and feel like they have someone to go to when they need help academically or emotionally. "
Madison HamblenMadison Hamblen"It both connects students to each other and also provides them a non-judgmental place to go where they can grow as students and receive help. "
Megan LawsonMegan Lawson"I think that many students come into college with preconceived notions that they are bad at biology and can’t succeed at it, and I just don’t think that’s true. I think my purpose here is to give students the tools they need to succeed in their classes, and to boost their confidence in their own ability to understand hard concepts and excel academically. "
Nathan GunnNathan Gunn"Being able to help others achieve the success they want."
Neil FurmanNeil Furman"I enjoy feeling like I am helping my peers figure out problems. It feels like something real I’m doing that makes a difference with real people."
Nicole Lafferty Nichole Lafferty"I think my purpose is to better those who look for help and direct them in the proper direction after I do the best I can. "
Noah BryantNoah Bryant"I see lots of purpose in my position at CCSS. As an accounting tutor, I get to work with a wide variety of business majors, many of whom are early in their college careers. This position gives me the opportunity to not only help them with accounting, but to help them gain confidence within the business school and as college students."
Patrick MoorePatrick Moore"I see purpose in the impact I can make on a student’s ability to progress through their curriculum at UA. This way, they can move on with a greater understanding of content to higher level courses, eventually leading to them achieving their final academic and professional goals. "
Pearl BrownPearl Brown"We have the ability to have a positive educational impact on all students in the community."
Quade MainzerQuade Manizer"Promoting learning within a class a student is struggling with, promoting independent learning skills and resources that help them obtain those, referring students to resources that can help them through their academic career."
Quinn CunneelyQuinn Cunneely"I aim to provide quality student experience every day, empowering student to challenge their course material and themselves both in and outside tutoring sessions. This helps to make Alabama a more welcoming place, create equity in course performance between diverse student backgrounds, and lead to the best overall outcomes for students and the university. "
Rachel MarshGroup 7 TutorsMy purpose is: "Help students who are struggling in Statistics so they can go on to succeed in further business courses and careers."
Ruslan Shikhhamzayev Ruslan Shikhhamzayev
Ryan Danna
Ryan Danna"I see myself as giving back to the UA community. It has offered me many resources in order to become a better student, and by tutoring, I can help other students out as I have been helped before."
Sadie KellerSadie Keller"My goal is to assist my fellow student in developing their acedemic talents and confidence. I support the peer coaches, faculty, teachers, and mentors who also aid in this work."
Sage McCannSage McCann"I feel that I can help those who have a feeling of being lost academically. I felt very stressed freshman year and want to help other students understand that they can excel in their classes."
Yonathan JankaYonathan JankaMy purpose is: "Supporting the betterment and improvement of academic performance of the student body here at The University of Alabama."
Zachary BourgZach BourgMy purpose is: "Helping others find a path toward success in higher education."