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Out 2 Lunch is a program encouraging you to engage with your faculty members outside of class and over casual conversation, which maximizes the UA community. In partnership with Bama Dining, first-year students can use their meal plan towards taking a faculty member out to lunch with the goal of increasing informal interaction and therefore improving your transition to The University of Alabama.

The Out 2 Lunch Experience

  1. Invite your faculty or staff member to lunch, coffee, etc. by sending an email, asking in person, or visiting office hours. If you need ideas for who to invite, check out the Go-To List below!
  2. Choose an on-campus dining facility that accepts meal swipes or Dining Dollars to enjoy a meal and engage in dialogue.
  3. As the student, you will utilize a guest meal or dining dollars to cover the faculty or staff member’s meal.
  4. Enjoy the conversation! If you need ideas for topics, consider asking about professional experiences, favorite part of work or academic studies, and advice for any situations being faced.
  5. As the student, complete the assessment form. 
  6. If faculty or staff member has feedback of the experience, email fye@ua.edu.
  7. Once the assessment is complete, Bama Dining will credit the student for the meal swipe or dining dollars used to cover the faculty or staff member’s meal.

Out 2 Lunch Assessment

Have you taken a faculty or staff member Out 2 Lunch? Complete the Assessment Form to receive your reimbursement for the faculty or staff member’s meal.

Out 2 Lunch Assessment Form

Go-To Faculty and Staff List

Are you unsure of who to invite for Out 2 Lunch? Check out the list linked below for Faculty and Staff who have signed up indicating they are interested in supporting you on your college journey!

Out 2 Lunch Go-To List

Faculty and Staff Interest Form

If you are interested in being listed as an available faculty or staff member any student could sign up to meet with for Out 2 Lunch, please complete the interest form below!

Faculty/Staff Interest Form