What does Crimson EDGE mean?

Crimson EDGE is a network of support designed to guide new freshmen during their first year at UA. Students have direct access to academic advisors, academic coaching, tutoring, and other academic support in the Capstone Center for Student Success, as well as access to community and social opportunities through a campus-wide network of support.

​What does EDGE stand for?

EDucation Guarantees Excellence!

Do I have to take different classes as an EDGE student?

No, the classes that you will be taking during your first year at UA will be in accordance with your chosen major and core requirements. Crimson EDGE students will be asked to enroll in a freshman compass course that is dependent upon your chosen program and major. These compass courses are designed to introduce students to higher education, resources and activities of The University of Alabama, guide and transition to a large comprehensive research university, and develop the skills necessary for degree attainment.

​Will being an EDGE student delay my graduation?

Participation in Crimson EDGE WILL NOT delay your graduation.

Do I get a separate advisor as an EDGE student?

Yes, as an EDGE student you do receive individualized attention from highly trained academic advising staff during your first year. At the end of your first year, you will transition to your academic college and the advising staff in that college. You will have opportunities to meet and discuss your schedule with the new advising staff during the spring semester of your first year.

Why is there a hold on my account?

Students have a “hold” placed on their record so that they cannot change their academic schedule or major/minor without first consulting with an advisor. The “hold” ensures students follow major/minor and university requirements and thus are not unnecessarily impeding progress toward graduation. This hold is removed at the end of the first year.

Since I am an EDGE student, am I only allowed to pick certain majors?

No, all majors and minors are open to EDGE students.

Can I pick my own classes?

At Bama Bound, you will meet with your designated EDGE academic advisor, and they will have already prepared a list of recommended classes for you, based on your major.  It is up to you (the student) to choose classes that fit your interests within the parameters of your major, and to select the days and times!  If you have AP scores and/or dual enrollment credit, please let your advisor know as soon as possible.

Will I have to come to a separate Bama Bound?

No, all Bama Bound sessions are open to EDGE students. During the two day orientation, you will be with all other students, and then break up for advising (i.e. “College Visits”).

As a parent of an EDGE student, how can I best support my student?

Knowing how to best support a college student can be difficult. Signing up for The UA Crimson Connection through Parent and Family Programs is a good way to be knowledgeable of the resources and happenings on campus.

General advice is to understand that your student is facing new challenges socially, higher expectations academically, and learning how to function in a new environment without the comfort of family and home that they may be used to. Listen to your student, be empathetic to the student’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but also continue to encourage and support your student. Remember that the student is an adult and needs to learn how to problem solve. Guide your student through the problem-solving process without making decisions for the student. Be interested in the student’s college experience, but give them space as well. It’s that easy!

Is taking the Math Placement test necessary?

Yes! The Math Placement Exam (found on MyBama under the Admission/Scholarships tab) is incredibly helpful in indicating which Math class you should be placed in. It could possibly place you higher than standardized test scores placed you, thereby saving you money and time!

Can I take summer classes at a local community college as an EDGE student?

Yes; however, we strongly encourage you to speak with your advisor before doing so to ensure that the class(es) will transfer back to UA.

What resources are available to me that are EDGE specific?

Edge students have access to a specific advisor, a highly structured, Success Plan, and easy access to CCSS Academic Support Services.

Can I still participate in fraternity and sorority life as an EDGE student?

Yes, being an EDGE student will not prevent you from participating in fraternity and sorority life.

Do I have to live on campus?

Yes, there is a first-year living requirement through Housing and Residential Communities. If you feel that you qualify for an exemption, please follow this link: https://housing.sa.ua.edu/incoming-residents/freshman-residency/.

What else is there to do on campus besides fraternity and sorority life?

There are nearly 600 student organizations on campus where students can find their home!
You can explore organizations here: https://thesource.ua.edu/

What is the bus system like?

Crimson Ride regularly runs throughout campus from residential halls to classroom buildings. Routes can be found here: http://crimsonride.ua.edu/maps/

We also recommend downloading the PassiGO app to view the bus routes in “real time”.

What is Blackboard and DUO?

Blackboard is the digital website used for communicating with professors and students for class. This website will have a section for each of your classes. This is where you will submit assignments and get grade updates.

DUO Mobile is the two-factor authentication needed for all UA students faculty, and staff. This will allow you to access email, MyBama, Blackboard, and virtually everything that needs a password. Please make sure your DUO is activated before Bama Bound   To get started visit:  https://oit.ua.edu/service/duo-getting-started/

Where can I get my prescriptions filled?

The Student Health Center on campus offers prescription transfers from your home state, including (in some instances), ADD/ADHD medication. https://shc.sa.ua.edu/about-our-pharmacy/

Where can I get my testing accommodations transferred?

If you have a documented disability that affected you in an academic setting, it is highly recommend that you register with the Office of Disability Services so that your academic accommodations are properly implemented. Please visit http://ods.ua.edu/prospective-students/, email ods@ua.edu , or call 205-348-4285

Where do I send my AP Scores?

If you did not indicate for your scores to be sent to UA during the AP testing, please make sure to visit the College Board website to have them sent to UA. As a reminder, scores are not available until July after testing. They take approximately 2-3 weeks to be sent to your selected colleges.

Please view this website to see which scores are acceptable scores for UA: https://catalog.ua.edu/undergraduate/about/academic-regulations/policies/credit-by-examination/

Where can I take CLEP tests?

CLEP exams are available for students to take through Testing Services and the Office of Disability Services at an additional cost. Please visit this website for more information: https://testing.ua.edu/clep

What tutoring services are available?

Learning Commons at The Capstone Center for Student Success offers tutoring, academic coaching, and workshops. Explore resources here: https://success.ua.edu

How can I add Crimson Email to my phone?

Adding your Crimson Email to your phone is an incredibly helpful tool to implement. Please make sure to follow the instructions here: https://oit.ua.edu/service/crimson-mail/