Student Support Services TRiO

The Student Support Services TRiO program at The University of Alabama has been funded by a federal grant through the U. S. Department of Education.

The program provides services to 200 eligible students each year. Applications are accepted from all undergraduates but priority admission is given to first-time, incoming freshmen. Most students remain in the program until they graduate from UA.  The mission of the program is to increase the retention and graduation rates of first generation college students, students with limited family income, and disabled students. The Student Support Services Program provides an array of program and support services including:

  • tutoring in many core subjects
  • academic advisement
  • one-on-one counseling in the areas of financial aid, career options, graduate and professional school admission
  • personal, academic, and professional development
  • workshops and seminars
  • campus and community cultural enrichment activities
  • access to a computer lab
  • graduate and professional school entrance exam preparation