Peer Tutoring at the Learning Commons

The “peer” in peer tutoring means that we know these courses and we can share our success strategies. We explain concepts in a way that you can understand and help you learn on your own terms. We won’t give you the answers to your work but we’ll give you something better: the tools and confidence to authentically learn.

What to Expect


Great place to start if you have specific questions and already know where you’re struggling.

Work independently on homework and practice problems and ask tutors when you get stuck.

Receive guidance and problem-solving strategies (but NOT answers) for homework.

Stay as long as you need to and leave whenever you’re ready.


Great place to start if you feel lost and don’t know what questions to ask.

Group session in which a tutor reviews course concepts from that week’s material.

Suggest topics to review and ask questions spontaneously.

Significant collaboration with classmates.


Great place to start if you need a deep dive into course material at your own pace.

Make an appointment for a one-hour focus session.

Work one-on-one or with small groups with a stop-and-go discussion style.


Go to class, complete your readings, and take notes.

Bring course materials and notes on concepts you don’t understand yet.

Complete your homework and identify areas where you’re struggling.

Make a list of specific questions for tutors.

If you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and make an appointment with an academic coach.