Crimson Edge Learning Communities

The Capstone Center for Student Success (CCSS) is offering learning communities (LC) reserved for Crimson Edge students. Students from Culverhouse College of Business, the College of Engineering or students with a Pre-Health designation are eligible to apply.

What are the benefits of participating in a Crimson Edge Learning Community?

  • Each community will be limited to  a total of 20 students, providing each student with individualized attention from advisors, instructors and faculty members
  • Community of peers with similar major and career aspirations; who will all be in a minimum of three courses  together in the fall semester
  • Students will have weekly access to an academic advisor, who will serve as an instructor of the participants  BCE 101 class
  • Structured tutoring and study groups
  • Social events; networking opportunities, informational events and workshop
  • Programs and activities exclusively  for Learning Community members

How will the communities be structured?

  • Each learning community participant will be enrolled in a pre- selected set of three courses in the fall semester.  The courses will vary based on the Learning Community
  • Students selected for the learning community will all be enrolled in the same section of each course so that all 20 students will be taking these courses together from the same instructor

Students can expect to be enrolled in the following courses based on Learning Community


  • BCE 101 UA Freshman Compass Course
  • HY 101-104  History Core
  • MATH 005 Introductory Algebra or MATH 100: Intermediate Algebra


  • BCE 101 UA Freshman Compass Course
  • PY 101  Introduction to Psychology
  • MATH 005 Introductory Algebra or MATH 100: Intermediate Algebra


  • BCE 101 UA Freshman Compass Course
  • PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
  • BSC 113 Biology supplement (required for students in MATH 005-100)
  • BSC 114 Principles of Biology I

Requirements for consideration:

Participation in each of the Learning Communities will be limited to 20.  Students should review the requirements and submit an application for full consideration.

  • Must be an admitted Crimson Edge student
  • Must have registered for a Bama Bound Orientation session by time of application
  • Must have declared  a major or concentration with an associated Learning Community
  • Must agree to attend and actively participate in  all Learning Community programs or services  (~1 per week, to include tutoring, study groups, workshops, etc.)
  • Must register for all 3 specified sections of the designated Learning Community courses during Bama Bound Orientation with the assistance of their Capstone Center for Student Success Advisor
  • Must attend Capstone Center for Student Success Advising Day prior to the start of the fall semester

Check eligible majors and designations

Culverhouse College of Business Majors

o  College of Engineering Majors

Pre-Health Tracks


Each Learning Community is limited to 19 students. The First 19 to apply and meet requirements will be accepted . Once the community is full, students’ applications will be wait listed.

Apply here!