This success guide will help you identify things you can do to be successful in your classes.

The guide covers many topics but here are five action steps you can take right now to help you engage at UA.

  • Show Up   Stay connected: attend virtual office hours and study groups. Reach out to friends and
    family who build you up.
  • Focus In Create a study space that helps you focus. Video lectures? Attend regularly and take notes just as if you were in the classroom
  • Take Charge  Manage your time and priorities wisely. Use a daily planner to visualize what you need to accomplish each day.
  • Chill Out  Take good care of YOU: make time for sleep, stay active, get outdoors frequently, and find
    healthy ways to relax
  • Find Success  UA offers many FREE resources to help you be successful! Whether you need tutoring,
    coaching or skill building at the Capstone Center for Student Success, writing help at the
    Writing Center, or research assistance at UA Libraries, we are here for you.

For more tips see the
CCSS Guide to Success in COVID