What academic support services are available to me online as a UA student at the Capstone Center for Student Success?

Programs and services available to students at the Capstone Center for Student Success include: tutoring, reading and study skills workshops, study skills courses, a freshman compass course, and academic coaching.

How do I request online assistance?

  • Tutoring: Some sessions have already been planned and you can find the tutoring schedule on our website. Please follow the instructions provided to join a session or to request assistance.
  • Skills Sessions: Skills Sessions are available via our website.
  • Academic Coaching (Professional and Peer): Students should contact the staff at the Capstone Center for Student Success using the Contact Form or email us at ccssinfor@ua.edu to request services. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Can I receive tutoring assistance for a course I plan to take or am taking at another institution?

Tutoring is limited to students who are currently enrolled in the course at UA.

What should I do if I need assistance with a course/subject/service that is not listed on the CCSS website?

Services and programs at the Capstone Center for Student Success are designed to improve students’ academic performance as they transition to their new academic environment. The Capstone Center for Student Success provides assistance with lower level math, science and business courses. If assistance in a particular area is not available, please call 205-348-5175 or email ccssinfo@ua.edu to see if other services are available. There may be other options for you.

How will I connect with a CCSS staff for an online/distance appointment?

The Capstone Center for Student Success uses Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom to connect with students for online assistance. Students are encouraged to have a microphone and update their computer to the latest version of Java. Staff members may also use Skype, or contact students via phone.

What should I expect when I request or participate in an online appointment/ session at the Capstone Center for Student Success?

  • Please allow staff a minimum of 48 hours to respond to your inquiry.  We have a number of offerings online. Please be sure you have checked the calendar and our tutoring and skill sessions schedules to see if we already offer services that can assist you.  The Center is not open on the weekends. Requests or inquiries made on a Friday may not be responded to until Tuesday.
  • The staff member assisting you wants to see you succeed. They will expect that you have reviewed your course materials and that will have questions ready. Staff may offer constructive feedback, share strategies that have worked for them or for other students, and may ask questions to verify that you comprehend the material and major concepts.
  • Staff will not assist with graded assignments or with homework. Our goal is to assist you with learning key concepts associated with the course material and provide you with study skills and strategies you can apply to your course work

What are some advantages of using services at Capstone Center for Student Success?

Some students believe that they have to be doing poorly in a course to visit the Capstone Center for Student Success but a number of students seeking assistance may have simple questions or may be already doing quite well in the course and just want to ensure they will master the materials in order to maintain an excellent grade. We encourage students to take advantage of our services early in the semester.  We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff waiting to assist you. Starting early will most likely ensure that you will not get behind and do better in your course.

Is there a cost for services offered by the Capstone Center for Student Success?

Programs and services offered by the Capstone Center for Student Success are free of charge to currently enrolled students.

How does online & distance tutoring work?

The Capstone Center for Student Success offers programs and services for students online. The Capstone Center for Student Success staff members utilize Zoom to assist students who request online/distance tutorial support.

We will use Zoom videoconferencing for tutoring, coaching, and skill building sessions. You can access Zoom from a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer.

You can review available appointments by clicking the following link:

Make an Appointment

Please note that only available sessions that match your current course schedule will be shown to you.