Academic Support in the Capstone Center for Student Success provides tutoring, supplemental instruction, and other related services to students. These services include large and small group sessions, review sessions, and walk-in help.

Our services help students attain a deeper understanding of course material and provide students with study skills and strategies they can apply in their course work.

These services are available on a walk-in basis and do not require an appointment.


Fall 2019 Courses 

Walk in Assistance

Accounting 210

Accounting 211

Chemistry 100

Chemistry 101

Chemistry 102

Chemistry 117

Chemistry 118

Math 005

Math 100

Math 110

Math 112

Math 113

Math 115

Math 121

Math 125

Nursing 305

Nursing 324

PY 211

Small Group Assistance

Biology 108

Biology 114

Biology 116

Chemistry 104

Chemistry 231