Eligibility requirements for the SSS TRiO Program include:

First Generation College Student – from the household in which you primarily grew up, neither parent or legal guardian has completed a bachelor’s degree

Limited Income – guidelines are determined by the number of family members living in your household and the household taxable income amount from the year prior to application to SSS

Students with Disability – students must be registered for accommodations in the UA Office of Disability Services on campus

*Two-thirds (67%) of SSS participants must be both first generation AND meet income guidelines OR be a student with a disability. At least 33% of students with disabilities must also meet the income guidelines.

** All students admitted to the SSS program must have at least one program approved academic need for services. Academic need includes:

  • Crimson Edge admit
  • High School GPA below 3.0
  • ACT composite or any sub-score below 21
  • SAT Verbal or Math score below 460
  • UA Math placement in MATH 005 or MATH 100
  • Currently has failing grades in one or more courses
  • Returning adult student (beginning college at age 23 or older)
  • Majoring in underrepresented, highly demanding and rigorous majors such as engineering, math, nursing, accounting, pre-med/biology, or pre-pharmacy
  • Lacks academic preparedness for college-level coursework
  • Needs help in determining career or educational goals
  • Has need for support to raise grades in major or required courses
  • Is in danger of losing a scholarship due to academic performance

To apply for the 2019-2020 academic year please complete the 2019-2020 Student Support Services Trio Application