Legacy Leaders

Legacy Leaders are sophomore-senior women who are available to mentor participants in the Lucy’s Legacy Program.  Mentors connect participants to the UA student experience and facilitate activities within the community. They offer their personal insight into what it means to be a student at UA, live by the Capstone Creed, and serve as a role model for Lucy’s Legacy participants.

Desiree B.

Public Health, Senior
Pyeongtaek, SK

Involvement: Army ROTC, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Women of Excellence

Advice: Get Involved! Make memories because these 4 years will fly by fast.

Jadyn F.

Marketing, Senior
Jacksonville, FL

Involvement: Women of Excellence, Black Business Student Assoc., Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity

Advice: Don’t be afraid to be different, stay true to yourself!

Jordan W.

Communicative Disorders/ Psychology, Senior
Macon, GA

Involvement: Capstone Men and Women, NSSHLA, Anderson Society

Advice: College is a marathon not a sprint. If you need a break, treat yourself for all your hard work!

Korynn H.

Music Education, Senior
Enterprise, AL

Involvement: College of Education Ambassador, Afro-American Gospel Choir, UA’s School of Music IDEA

Advice: Setbacks and mistakes are normal. Remember you are strong and your discipline has gotten you this far. Consider how much further you can go!

Makyra R.

Athletic Training, Senior
Lexington, KY

Involvement: Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Fraternity, Honors College, Athletic Training Student Assoc.

Advice: Be open to new opportunities and ideas however, always be true to who you are. Don’t forget to have fun!

Alexa E.

Public Health, Junior
Marietta, GA

Involvement: Student Government Association

Advice: Invest in yourself and do activities that make you happy and healthy so you will be the best student you can be!

Aliyah J.

Aerospace Engineering, Junior
Mobile, AL

Involvement: RA for Lucy’s Legacy, Avanti, Student Recruitment Team, Al’s Pals

Advice: Strive to be the best student and individual you can be! It will take you a long way.

Aniya R.

Public Health, Junior
Gadsden, AL

Involvement: BFSA Ambassador, Parent Ambassador, Women of Excellence

Advice: Get involved and always remember to not give up!

Anna W.

Biology, Junior
Homewood, AL

Involvement: Resident Advisor

Advice: Choose your schedule wisely and also manage your time well.

Asia H.

Kinesiology, Junior
Clarksville, TN

Involvement: Black Student Union

Advice: Always be engaged and ready to network.

Breniya S.

Political Science, Junior
Prattville, AL

Involvement: Avanti, National Council of Negro Women, Student Alumni Ambassador

Advice: Try new things and step out of your comfort zone. You never know what you may enjoy!!

Bria H.

Nursing, Junior
Birmingham, AL

Involvement: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc., Black Student Union, Al’s Pals

Advice: Be sure to get involved on campus; try out as many clubs as you can. College is about finding out what you love to do!

Gabrielle B.

Business, Junior
Birmingham, AL

Involvement: IGNITE, Women of Excellence, National Council of Negro Women

Advice: Take advantage of all the resources on campus. Find the ones specifically for first year students that will help you set good study habits.

Jade R.

Public Relations/ Psychology, Junior
Augusta, GA

Involvement: Her Campus, New View

Advice: Be yourself; whatever is meant to find you will find you!

JeTori S.

Hospitality Management, Junior
Hoover, AL

Involvement: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Avanti, University Programs

Advice: Stay organized and manage your time well. Be yourself and have confidence.

J’Kia I.

Economics/Finance, Junior
Nashville, TN

Involvement: Alpha Kappa Alpha Soroity, Inc., UA Business Lead Ambassador, BFSA Ambassador

Advice: Remember if you play small, you stay small!

Jordan G.

Nursing, Junior
Prattville, AL

Involvement: Capstone Assoc. of Nursing Students, Capstone College of Nursing Serve

Advice: Be outgoing! Always be willing to experience new things.

Josha C.

Art/Photography, Junior
Naples, FL

Involvement: C&IS Student Exec Council, C&IS Ambassador

Advice: Always ask for help!

Kimora L.

Social Work, Junior
Wiesbaden, Germany

Involvement: BFSA Ambassador

Advice: Don’t be afraid to meet new people and try to get involved on campus as soon as possible.

Mekhiya S.

Accounting, Junior
Jacksonville, FL

Involvement: Peer Leader, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Women of Excellence

Advice: Make your planner your best friend so you will develop time management skills.

Adaugo O.

Psychology/Pre-Med Track, Sophomore
Atlanta, Ga

Involvement: Women of Excellence, Peer Leaders, BSU, Al’s Pals, BSFA Ambassador

Advice: It’s not about who you know but who knows you! The relationships you form as a freshman help pave the way for your success at the Capstone.

Alexis R.

Elementary Education, Sophomore
Northport, AL

Involvement: Women of Excellence, Ignite UA

Advice: Don’t spread yourself thin, but get involved early.

Cydney Y.

Healthcare Analytics, Sophomore
Birmingham, AL

Involvement: Black Student Union, BFSA Ambassador

Advice: Be your true self!

Gabrielle K.

Secondary Education/History, Sophomore
Birmingham, AL

Involvement: BSU, SGA, UA College Democrats

Advice: Do not overwhelm yourself. Make a plan and stick with it but embrace changes if needed.

Janiyah B.

Social Work, Sophomore
Madison, AL

Involvement: Bama Belles, Fangineer

Advice: Don’t allow the bad days to consume your best days. Be willing to become a better you.

J’Noel E.

Economics/Philosophy, Sophomore
Naples, FL

Involvement: Honors College, Camp 1831 A-Team, Freshman Forum, Peer Leader

Advice: Get involved as much as you can. It’s always okay to ask for help.

Kennedy O.

Creative Media, Sophomore
Atlanta, GA

Involvement: National Council of Negro Women, CIS Ambassador, Women of Excellence

Advice: Get out of your comfort zone; you have to be uncomfortable to grow! Get involved.

Korry J.

Human Development and Family Studies, Sophomore
Lexington, KY

Involvement: College of Human Environmental Sciences

Advice: In Lucy’s you are not alone; you have community to support and help you.

Lindsey S.

Business Marketing, Sophomore
Birmingham, AL

Involvement: Peer Leaders, CSL Asst. Team Leader

Advice: Go with the flow, have fun, embrace this new journey!

Mya R.

Kinesiology (Exercise Science), Sophomore
Alabaster, AL

Involvement: BSU, The College XPerience

Advice: Branch out and meet new people. Get involved in clubs and organizations.

Nila S.

Nursing, Sophomore
Houston, TX

Involvement: Avanti, Capstone Assoc. of Nursing Students, Freshman Forum

Advice: You are walking into a new world of experiences, challenges, and adversities. Remember Dr. Foster’s fight. You are her legacy!

Ryan W.

Psychology/Pre-Med Track, Sophomore
Madison, AL

Involvement: Women of Excellence, Psych Club

Advice: Reach for the stars!