College offers a path to achieve academic and career goals, yet every student battles significant challenges along the way. The academic coaching staff helps you overcome those challenges—both internal and external—and navigate your way to success.

Both peer coaches and professional coaches are experts ready to help you develop research-based study skills, implement time management and organization strategies, overcome test anxiety, improve notetaking and reading analysis skills, navigate tutoring and supplemental instruction opportunities for your classes, and connect you to additional services across UA.

Academic coaches offer one-on-one appointments at the Capstone Center for Student Success to help you identify academic obstacles, access resources, evaluate progress, and create a personalized action plan to improve academic performance. Peer Coaches offer their own experiences as fellow college students, while professional coaches serve as full-time staff members; both roles are dedicated to helping you reach your full academic potential.

To inquire about coaching please complete the contact form:  Contact Form

If you are seeking academic growth but prefer a group learning setting rather than a one-on-one appointment, sign up for one or more  Skill Building Sessions.

Coaching appointments and Skill Building Sessions are available in person. The Capstone Center for Student Success will follow all University guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety measures during face-to-face sessions.

Have more questions? Give us a call at 205-348-5175