The Mathematics Technology Learning Center (MTLC) at The University of Alabama is a program that assists students in the active learning of mathematics. This is accomplished through a computer lab/tutoring center open over 40 hours per week for one-on-one tutoring and using technology to allow students to work at their own pace, receive instant feedback as they learn mathematics by doing mathematics, learn from a variety of formats, and receive encouragement from their instructors regarding course progress.


  • The MTLC offers in-person and/ or virtual tutoring via Zoom for Math courses 005, 100, 110, 112, 113, 115, 121, 125, 126, 227, 237, 238 on Monday-Friday from 7:45am-11:45am (in-person) and Monday-Friday from 1pm-5pm (virtual).  No appointment is necessary!
  • Assistance and help from undergraduate tutors, math GTAs, part-time instructors, and full-time instructors on any homework assignment and practice problems

Please note: Only a limited amount of assistance will be offered during the weeks that tests are scheduled.


  • Location: Math & Science Building (located at the corner of Hackberry Lane, next to the parking lot at Gordon Palmer Hall. MTLC is located on the top two floors of the building)
  • Website:
  • Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM (Summer Hours May Vary)


Call us: (205) 348-2592